Interview with Armi Legge

In this episode, I interview Armi Legge the founder and creator of Evidence Magazine.

Armi became passionate about health and fitness around the tender age of four years old and as a junior in high school was a nationally ranked triathlete. He began his writing career at the age of 16 and has not stopped since. Armi also hosts the Evidence Radio podcast.

In this episode we discuss:

30 under 30 Fitocracy

– Why he puts out more articles from others over his own

– The struggle of creating content

– Getting help in publishing content

– Mike Israetel

– Smarter people than you writing content

– The importance of headlines

– Adam Ali (physiqueonomics)

– Reverse dieting vs.eating at maintenance

– The point of reverse dieting

– Bourbon curls

– The one person he wanted the most to get on his podcast

– Bret ContrerasAlan AragonBrad Schoenfield

– Eric Helms

– Epic Fitness Summit

– Alan Aragon vs Gary Taubes

– Fred Hahn vs Brad Schoenfield

– John Kiefer vs James Kreiger

– The more outrageous the lie the easier the masses follow

– Why evidence mag?

– How he got inspired to write at 15

– Running triathlons

– His battle with an eating disorder and his stay in the hospital

– How he got into research to get over his eating disorder

– Figure out who you are writing for

– The weird thing about the human body

– Jason Helmes article on coaches

– John Williams and riffing on his own creations

– What his training is like right now

– His guilty pleasure work out song

– Who he would have dinner with from history


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