Coaches Corner Episode 2

This is the second episode of the monthly “Coaches Corner” series. This episode is all about supplements.

First and foremost, all the guests and myself advise that before you buy any supplement that you first check with your doctor to see if it is something you need.  Joining me in this episode are Tanner BazeTravis PollenJoseph BrigleyMatt Dustin and Mason Woodruff (links to their episodes can be found below)

In this episode we discuss:

– Travis PollenJoseph BrigleyTanner BazeMatt DustinMason Woodruff

– Defining the word “supplement”

– Mason and Tanner started their careers at GNC

– Sales training for GNC associates

Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing

– Vitamin Packs and high commissions

– Most asked question on supplements

– Fat Burners

– Selling on Emotion

– Fat Burners are mostly caffeine pills

– Supplements are an unregulated market

– Sneaking in ingredients

– and

WADA (world anti doping agency)

– Unless you really need to address something, supplements are probably useless

– Multi-Vitamins

– Fortified Foods

– Supplements Travis is taking after his surgery

– You may not need the supplements you are taking now but may need the ones you are not, ask your doctor

– Creatine

– Why Creatine is important to lifting and more

– Creatine does not make you bloat

– on creatine

– Save your money and focus on diet and lifting, not on supplements at GNC

– Unflavored BCAAs, no bueno

– Vitamin D on hormone production, fat loss, and more

– NuTropics

– Athletic Greens and Alpha Brain

– Pre-work outs and do we take them

Placebo Effect

Coffee and caffeine in sports

– Are protein powders really needed?

Get food within 3 hours, not 30 minutes

– Post Workout Monster

– Protein Powders can help hit protein goals, but are not needed, you can always eat more meat

– Protein Bars, and the down side of sugar alcohols

– BCAAs: Are they needed?

– It’s sexy to worry about the extremes

– Fish Oil

Precision Nutrition on Fish Oil


– Biggest Waste of Money We Ever Spent on Supps




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