“Hey Robbie, why am I not gaining muscle? I’m doing all the right things but I think I’m just grinding my gears. Where are the gains?”

It’s a question I receive often. Sometimes the answer is simple.


Are you training the desired muscle group enough?


No? Well, there’s your answer.


Are you making sure to control the movements or are you letting gravity win the battle?


Ummm, I mean, I’m lifting heavy and grinding weight…but I’m not lifting it super slow.


Bro, slow down.


Seriously, this ain’t a race. Actually, if you slow it down and control the movement more with lighter weight you can build more muscle thanks to the midi-chlorians you have in your body.


“Robbie, I’m a hard gainer—I know it. I’m eating a ton of food and the scale doesn’t move and neither are my measurements.”


Are you tracking your calories?




So, you really have no idea how much you’re eating. I bet you $100 you’re not eating enough. Whatever you’re doing add another 500-700 calories and watch the gains come.


Here’s the truth, there are a ton of reasons why you’re NOT gaining muscle. And I’m willing to bet it’s from one of the 7 (and by 7 I mean 8) reasons I cover in this podcast episode.

In this episode I discuss:

  • Increasing volume for success
  • Eat MORE food
  • SLOW down Speedy Gonzalez
  • Get more sleep
  • You’re not consistent
  • Vary it up
  • Put the goddamned phone down




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