On this episode of the podcast, I’m joined by Alain Gonzalez of MuscleMonsters.com.


Pronounced, “a lane,” Alain considers himself an average guy from Florida who at 23-years-old, wasn’t living in what looked like the body of an adult. He looked more like he was stuck in a pre-teens scraggly framed body. For the last few years, Alain Gonzalez has dedicated his life to helping hardgainers slap on slabs of sexy, lean muscle. His transformation gave him massive amounts of confidence to accomplish even the most daunting of tasks.


Alain doesn’t consider himself a bodybuilder. At least not in the traditional sense. He attributes his muscle-gaining success to what he calls The Three D’s: Dedication, Desire, and Drive.


Through his coaching, writing, and videos, he wants to show every naturally skinny guy that it IS possible to gain muscle.

In this episode, we discuss:


  • The story behind the name Muscle Monsters
  • Changes in the internet fitness industry
  • Hardgainers
  • Why he doesn’t consider himself a bodybuilder
  • What his training looks like
  • Biggest mistakes in gaining upper body size
  • Using a time machine to go back to high school and play football
  • Book recommendations
  • Drunk fights at pizzerias
  • Doing it and taking action
  • Diet breaks vs. Cheat days
  • How dedication, drive and desire intertwine
  • Alternative protein sources
  • Strategies on working on weak or lacking muscle groups
  • Bracing your core
  • Guilty pleasure songs in his workout playlist


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Resources Mentioned:

The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday

The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday

Gnash – I Hate You, I Love You ft. Olivia O’brien

Passenger – Let Her Go


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