Interview with Andy Morgan

In this episode I interview Andy Morgan of

Andy is an online nutrition coach and trainer who helps people get ripped with no frustration. Andy is one of the best in the industry, backing himself up with the best science available then delivering programs to his clients that get amazing results.

He is also one of the pioneers in creating a successful online business.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How to adjust diet to successfully bulk
  • Birmingham England NOT Alabama
  • How did you end up in Osaka
  • Angry White Pajamas
  • Aikido and the Tokyo Riot Police
  • Why He Stopped Martial Arts
  • How Getting Hit By an Egg Truck Changed the Direction of his Life
  • The Importance of Creating Memories
  • Steve Jobs Stanford Speech
  • Lean Gains and Martin Berken
  • Building the Voice of Reason for Fitness in Japan
  • Throw out All Your Best Stuff for Free
  • Building Beer Credits Around the World
  • Lose weight a slow pace, and smaller than maximal deficits are best, what is your preferred range, 500? 400? 300?
  • Struggles of dieting
  • The complete guide to setting up your diet
  • There are a lot of formulas out there and it can be confusing to anyone, including coaches, so for coaches that are new or maybe follow things “by the book” what is one tip you would give them that has helped you when calculating caloric intake for clients?
  • Sense of fullness when eating
  • Getting out of bad habits
  • The importance of lean body mass on metabolism
  • Using tailors tape for measuring progress
  • Diet Breaks vs Cheat Days vs Re-Feeds
  • Lyle McDonald
  • Jason Helmes
  • What’s the most money you’ve ever drunkenly spent at McDonald’s?
  • How many days have you gone without showering?
  • Who was your favourite Spice Girl?
  • You are in the finals for the International Air Guitar Championships, what song do you play to take home the crown?
  • What person from history would you want to have dinner with
  • Hardcore History
  • Coming off a diet and not counting macros
  • Young coaches “be prepared to work long hours”, what sacrifice during your long hours did you have to make that was the hardest for you to come to terms with?
  • How to Build a Successful Online Personal Training Business
  • Tips for young coaches on what to do to create a great online business
  • Love What You Do


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