Interview with Andy Van Grinsven

Andy Van Grinsven is a Nashville based personal trainer and strength coach.

Andy grew up playing a variety of sports, but lacrosse became his passion in high school. He played on the lacrosse club team at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and helped lead them to a division playoff spot, which hadn’t been done in 10 years.

Andy studied Exercise Science in undergrad at UT, then pursued a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology.

Upon returning to Nashville in late 2012, the gym he had been hired at four months prior decided to close its doors.

Andy decided to go independent and train clients on his own schedule.

Andy enjoys heavy weight training, and reading a host of articles, books, and studies related to his field.

His interests are injury prevention, corrective exercise, and helping his clients build strong, athletic, and able bodies through heavy weight training.

He believes that hard but simple, effective programs are the best to help his clients build strength, improve body composition, and boost confidence.

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • How he got into fitness
  • Hanging TRX from a tree to train clients after his gym closed
  • You don’t need a gym to get fit
  • How having minimal equipment made him a better trainer
  • Thinking quickly on your feet
  • Where working with the minimum has helped him outside the gym
  • Working at a YMCA
  • Becoming an independent trainer
  • Scheduling his life as an entrepreneur
  • His hardest failure thus far
  • Similarities of our fathers
  • Fun Questions
  • The REAL UT
  • Fan reactions to young athletes
  • Everything works till it doesn’t
  • Struggles with Marketing
  • Where he finds inspiration for writing
  • What he is scared to write about
  • Find a more optimal way to coach
  • Not so Sexy shit you should be doing but probably aren’t
  • Met-Con sandwiches
  • Online vs In-Person coaching
  • Backstreet vs N’Sync
  • What Superhero he would be






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