Ben Johnson on Asking Better Questions on a Date & How He Turned a Disaster into Opportunity

Ben is an author, entrepreneur, and food-loving fitness professional. By simplifying the world of strength and conditioning, Ben helps people everywhere beat “bad” genetics, melt away fat, make lean muscle, and finally start getting the results they crave. Oh, and he does all of this without asking you to give up your favorite foods. Ben’s awesome.

in this episode we discuss:

  • Ben’s First Episode
  • Em Dash shortcut
  • On Writing Well
  • Grammar in different languages
  • Freak Muscle Program
  • Humans and complaining
  • Kilos and pounds
  • Getting out of your head while lifting
  • Ben’s creative date experience
  • Not knowing what to do/say to a guy/girl
  • Break up advice, and your head getting in the way
  • Asking better questions on a date
  • Ben’s DLC episode
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