Interview with Slyvon Blanco

Slyvon Blanco is in the running for the coolest name on Earth.

He’s also a fitness coach, Lifehacker, website genius, and a lover of the finer things in life like deadlifts and donuts.

Growing up as an immigrant Sly understood that he needed to work hard and “go get it.” From a young age he learned how to find more efficient methods of getting things done.

But he grew up nerdy, small, and easy to bully. Fitness for him was about finding the strength, and size, to stand up to his bullies.

Since starting his blog in 2011, he’s had dreams of traveling the world as he works. This year, he made that a reality.

He and his girlfriend started in Southeast Asia, journeyed back Canada, and, for now, are in South America.

Sly considers himself a jack-of-all-trades. He wants to learn about everything and not only be stuck in one area of expertise.

He’s accomplished this not only as a fitness coach and online entrepreneur but he can build websites, code, and he makes some of the most delicious foods.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Where his name came from
  • How he got into fitness
  • Growing up an immigrant
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Carolina Blue Dream
  • Playing Ghost Recon on the Mac
  • Developed his own site for tracking Ghost Recon stats
  • Learning to code
  • Nerdy NBA players
  • Traveling around the world
  • How traveling helped him focus on his work
  • What became more clear while traveling
  • Struggling to find balance between life and work
  • Piece on entrepreneurship
  • The importance of giving himself limits
  • 80/20 Principle
  • Do nothing Saturday
  • Pokemon GO
  • Miniature Buddha covered in hair
  • Life hacking
  • Travel Hacking
  • Better dealing with customer service calls
  • The Points Guy
  • The Boarding Area
  • Why you shouldn’t close a credit card
  • Jack of all Trades
  • Fear of being recorded
  • Fun Questions
  • How to eat for maintenance
  • Strategies to follow if you’re not counting calories
  • What is his “why” now
  • Two places everyone should visit
  • How he decides where to go in the world
  • Where to find him on social
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat (@slyvonblanco)
  • Website

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