Client Transformation: How Jon Crushed His Goals


I want to talk about my friend, and client, Jon.


Normally, I’d write up a huge post and tell you the story of how Jon overcame his struggles, became stronger, and more kickass, and about how he crushed his goals.


But, I want you to hear it from Jon himself.


Jon’s been an online coaching client of mine for a few months, so I asked him a few questions after he achieved one of his biggest goals: seeing abs in the mirror.


So I invited Jon to come on the podcast and chat about his experience, what goals he accomplished, and what he learned during the process.


Jon didn’t kill himself and try and achieve 6 pack abs in 6 weeks. He took it one quest at a time.


But the big difference this time: Jon had someone in his corner, me. His own personal Gandalf if you will, who helped guide him and provide him support on his journey.


In this episode, you’ll the inside scoop on what Jon did and how he accomplished his goals.


If you want to achieve your fitness goals in 2017, head here and apply today.


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