**NOTE: This is a two-part episode. Please make sure to listen to Part 1 first or you’ll be lost.**


In Part 1 of this episode, we discussed how myths, and the structure of myths, still influence some of the greatest movies and books in pop culture.


And that these myths show us how to live a more virtuous life.


Part 1 saw Tanner Baze, Nick Sorrell, Aadam Ali, and I breaking down and introducing people to The Hero’s Journey. Why you need to face your dragon and what pieces of wisdom we’ve received from Dr. Jordan Peterson.


Here’re a few bullet points for what we covered in Part 1:

  • Dr. Jordan B. Peterson (Podcast, Joe Rogan Podcast)
  • John Romaniello (His book Man 2.0 is based off The Hero’s Journey)
  • Ancient myths and modern day applications
  • Why myths are road maps
  • Superman is a God and why we can’t relate to him
  • Why The Joker is Batman’s most formidable enemy
  • Both sides of evil within ourselves
  • Harvey Dent’s transformation into Two-Face
  • Why you need to face our dragon
  • Why Aadam loves the Anti-Hero
  • Suffering and struggle: there is nothing more important in the world
  • Why we need the metaphysical
  • Arete and Apotheosis


After we end on the discussion of The Matrix, we dive even further into the importance of what myths and the stories in fiction can reveal to us as humans.

In part two we discuss:

  • The Emperors Blades
  • Why books, myths, or movies always speak to us
  • Your brain picks up patterns subconsciously
  • Gut feelings and urges
  • Read more books — period
  • Accepting your call
  • Slay your fucking dragon

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