Community Questions: December 2016 (Cheat Days & Working Out When You’re Sick)



Winter is here. At least for some people, it is.


And with winter comes things like the winter blues and illnesses.


So, when you’re sick, should you exercise?


Can you exercise with just a standard cold or a stuffy nose? What if you have achy muscles or an upset stomach?


Hunger also hits had during the winter. And if you’re trying to lose fat, sometimes, all you want is a big cheeseburger or a bowl of pasta. So can you use cheat days, or, how do you use cheat days to maximize your fat loss goals?


I answer those questions in this month’s community questions episode.


In this episode, I discuss:


  • Cheat Days vs Cheat Meals
  • Leptin
  • Refeed Days
  • Who should and shouldn’t have a cheat day
  • The Neck Rule

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