David Dellanave is a lifter, coach, and the owner of The Movement Minneapolis in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

He is one of the most well-known proponents of biofeedback training. He uses this to teach his clients to better understand the signals their bodies send them.

He’s had the pleasure of coaching a number of international level athletes as well as gen pop clients.

A few years ago, David and his friend/business partner John Romaniello, had the crazy idea of creating an even they called “Man Camp.”

Initially, construed as a bit of competition with their wives own event, John and David finally pulled the trigger and this year hosted Man Camp in Austin, Texas.

Naturally, I went to the event. You can read my take on it here.

In this episode we discuss:


  • Biofeedback Training
  • Range of Motion and the state of your body
  • How he got into fitness
  • Pavel and Dragondoor
  • What made him decide to buy a gym
  • His propensity to go “all in” no matter what he does
  • His first job as the IT guy
  • Fueling his curiosity of gadgets
  • His introduction to computer technology
  • Renting video games
  • Frustrations with modern consoles
  • Shipping broken or patched games the day of release
  • The old guy with a shed
  • Where and why they decided to develop Man Camp
  • Men Explain Things to Me
  • Fundamental pillars of being a better man
  • Men are weaker than they’ve ever been
  • Manplimenting
  • Why men shouldn’t be afraid of feminism
  • Why traveling is important for bettering yourself
  • Fun Questions
  • Fear doesn’t keep him from doing stuff
  • The key to good coffee
  • Dellenavich
  • Where Man Camp will go in the future
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  • Twitter
  • Instagram

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