Dean Somerset is a personal trainer, public speaker, and author who specializes in helping those with injuries or medical dysfunctions find a way to use exercise to improve their lives.


Though he considers his specialty, “super cool,” Dean’s main goal is to help people become stronger, faster, leaner, and more fit no matter their history.


Dean Somerset is one of the most intelligent men in the fitness industry and when it comes to improving or “un-fucking” your hips, Dean is your man.


He’s taught seminars all across the world. Touching on topics like:


  • Post Rehab for the Personal Trainer
  • Psychology and Motivation for Optimal Training
  • The Complete Hip and Shoulder Workshop


Because Dean believes in a hands on approach to fixing issues, he’s also found that he has a warm sense of humor that helps put his clients at ease. Humor is a huge key to helping a client catch on to what they will be doing. And it allows them to feel less intimidated.


Dean Somerset has written for T-Nation,, Men’s Health, as well as his own site.


In this episode we discuss:


  • Coaching
  • Business
  • What he’s nerding out on
  • How to get comfy in the gym in the new year
  • His favorite current wrestler
  • Participation trophies
  • Kanye West
  • And a whole lot more

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