Dom Mazzetti of BroScience on His New Book The Swoly Bible


Interview with Dom Mazzetti of BroScience on His New Book: The Swoly Bible

Dom Mazzetti is a man who needs no introduction.

He’s the Brofessor, who delivers the essential gym we all need for optimal gains.

Oh, and he’s also the first illiterate man to write a book.

A book he’s titled: The Swoly Bible: The Bro Science Way of Life

Hailing from the tri-state area, Dom, is what you might call: confidently stupid. Dom refuses to grow

Dom Mazzetti absolutely refuses to entertain the thought of becoming an adult. Unless being an adult means knocking out reps for Jesus.

Deep below his immaculately sculpted core, Dom Mazzetti is a great guy. just misunderstood. Dom is the type of guy that will give you the shirt off his back, even if you don’t want his shirt, just so he can be shirtless. This is his first book.

Just completely misunderstood, except to bros.

Dom also enjoys being shirtless. Which is why he left the fridged, forgotten, wastelands of NJ for the sunny, shirtless, beaches of LA.

In this episode we discuss:

  • His greatest achievement
  • More accomplished than Helen Keller
  • Best curl combination on Earth
  • If Dom were in a WWF Tag Team Catch Match who would be his partner
  • HIs favorite chapter in The Swoly Bible
  • What would happen if he had a magic lamp
  • Food and curls
  • What science he learned for the book
  • The definition of BroScience?
  • Can you buy The Swoly Bible and become Dom Mazetti?
  • Tweeting out how many reps of curls you do
  • What a video game of his life would look like
  • Where he would go in a time machine

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