The Subtitle Art of Embracing the Beginning in Life

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been reading and working through a book called The Artists Way.

As a gamer, I’m always taking on the role of a beginner when I pick up a new game. Especially, if it’s a new game I’ve never played before.

Learning how the game mechanics work, the best strategies for playing the game, or even discovering the small details the developers planted in the gameplay is always fun.

But it’s never easy to learn something new. Still, when you play a game it’s far easier to level up when you’re new than if you’ve been playing for months.

Level 1-10 happens a lot quicker than levels 20-30.

Embracing the beginning is one of the hardest concepts to learn in any endeavor. You want to feel like you understand things or you want to see results.

Lack of results we thought we’d have is one of the reasons why many people give up their goals.

In this episode, I talk about what The Artists Way has taught me about the process and why as an artist, a creator, that it’s far more important for me to focus on “doing the work” than the actual work itself.

Learn to be okay with the learning phase of being a beginner but also know that you’ll be far further down the road of success if you do the work and embrace the growing pains than if you give up because you aren’t level 100 on day 5.

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