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Eric Bach is a strength and conditioning coach out of Denver, CO. He is a former college athlete and collegiate strength and conditioning coach and has been published on numerous sites around the web such as CNN, T-Nation, Elitefts, Muscle and Strength, and many more.

When Eric is not front squatting, cleaning, or sprinting, he can be found by the dumbbells pumping his biceps.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Small talk
  • Where he got his start in Wisconsin
  • Enjoying accomplishments
  • Where he gets inspired to write
  • How he starts to craft his articles
  • Dr. John Rusin’s podcast
  • Waking up at 3:30 am
  • How he centers his thoughts in the morning
  • Daily schedule
  • How he restarts habits after he misses them for a few days
  • Struggling with silence in the early mornings
  • It’s a challenge
  • What his first morning activities look like
  • How much coffee he drinks during the day
  • Steps he has taken to making his writing better
  • Tools or tips mentors or editors gave him about writing
  • Training with more explosive movements vs more bodybuilding type movements
  • The Snatch
  • The fear of injury and coming back from it
  • Where he would go in a time machine
  • $35 at Wendy’s
  • N’Sync or Backstreet
  • Football talk
  • Biggest failure in the gym
  • Discussing training
  • Flavoring rice
  • His toughest challenge as an entrepreneur
  • Balancing work and life
  • 2015 goal he accomplished
  • How he ended up in CO
  • Dealing with the beginning as an entrepreneur
  • When you feel like you made it
  • Goal for 2016
  • Note to his younger self
  • Bruce Lee


Bach Performance

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