Fat Loss Strategies

In this episode of Coaches Corner, I’m joined by Nick Sorrell and Mason Woodruff to discuss fat loss strategies you can implement to lose body fat for the summer.

There are a lot of misnomers out there about fat loss. Myths continue to spread every single day online and in the media.

Myths continue to spread every single day online and in the media.

Three fitness coaches, set out in this episode to cut through the bullshit and deliver to you the straight forward facts you need to shred away pounds of fat before summer arrives.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The importance of Protein
  • How much protein should you eat
  • Fat loss trip up foods
  • How many carbs and fats should you have after you establish protein
  • Earn you carbs
  • How to get women to eat more protein
  • Health Point Nutrition Guide
  • Why drinking protein isn’t as great for you versus eating whole foods
  • 4 High Protein Vegan Foods
  • Negative 300 calorie deficit
  • Difficulty of guessing metabolic rate
  • Using activity as a gauge of calorie intake
  • Carb re-feeds and diet breaks who needs them
  • Dangers with cheat days
  • Nick’s Ketosis experiment
  • Dominic D’agostino
  • Ketosis and weight loss
  • Physiqonomics
  • Aggressive fat loss schemes
  • Why you should take it slow when you first diet
  • Fat loss supplements
  • Examine.com
  • Easiest ways to get beach ready
  • Holy Grail of Fat Loss
  • Fat Loss Warnings
  • Dangers of celebrity diets
  • Choose your diet and stick with it
  • Bad Science
  • Have the courage to have uncomfortable conversations with yourself
  • Fat Loss slip ups
  • Mason’s Email
  • Nick Sorrell
  • Robbie Farlow email

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