**NOTE: This is a two-part episode. Please make sure to listen to Part 1 first or you’ll be lost.**


Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Buddha, Christ, Gilgamesh, they all follow the same story line archetype. What Joseph Campbell came to call The Hero’s Journey.


According to Dr. Jordan Peterson, myths are a road map for how to live a virtuous life. They show us how to live a good life, what is right and wrong, connect us with our humanity, and teach us lessons that science cannot.


In this episode, Tanner Baze, Nick Sorrell, Aadam Ali, and I break down The Hero’s Journey, how it applies to life, and how it can guide you to live a more virtuous and moral life.


But this episode is more than that. We talk about facing your dragon (or demons) and why this is the most important thing you can do in life, period.

We break down thoughts from Dr. Jordan Peterson about why myths show us that, “Getting to where you want to go is not what you want, it’s to make sure the voyage is worth it.”

First and foremost, all of us can’t stress enough how much of an influence John Romaniello and his knowledge of Campbell has meant to us. Without Roman, there would be no Tanner Baze, Robbie Farlow, or Aadam Ali. We owe much of our desire to get in shape and improve lives through writing and creating “good art” to Roman.

So for that, thank you sir. And if you’ve never read his book, you should. It’s required reading, actually. (check the notes below for a link)

(you can listen to part 2 here)

In Part 1 of this episode we discuss:

  • Dr. Jordan B. Peterson (Podcast, Joe Rogan Podcast)
  • John Romaniello (His book Man 2.0 is based off The Hero’s Journey)
  • “Getting to where you want to go is not what you want, it’s to make sure the voyage is worth it.”
  • Ancient myths and modern day applications
  • Why myths are road maps
  • Superman is a God and why we can’t relate to him
  • Why The Joker is Batman’s most formidable enemy
  • Both sides of evil within ourselves
  • Harvey Dent’s transformation into Two-Face
  • You either die the hero or see yourself become the villain
  • Did Tolkien mean to tell the inner deep meanings of his stories?
  • Why you need to face our dragon
  • Gut urges to do something
  • How holding in resentment will destroy you
  • Why Aadam loves the Anti-Hero
  • Suffering and struggle: there is nothing more important in the world
  • You want to aim so high that you can’t obtain it
  • Why myths work
  • Living a virtuous life
  • Roman’s article on Heroes
  • Why we need the metaphysical
  • Arete and Apotheosis
  • Neil Gaiman 2012 commencement speech
  • Why Nick went back to church
  • The story of Jesus in the Garden
  • Why The Matrix is the story of Genesis

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