B.J. Keeton of Geek Fitness on Losing 150 Pounds, Mental Health, & Problems with Time Travel

Nerds and geeks now how to get things done. And BJ is a certified geek.


A few years ago, BJ topped out at over 300 pounds. But after a trip to Harry Potter World in Florida, BJ realized something needed to change.


First, he started with diet, then he got serious about running. And a few years later, BJ lost over 140 pounds. Then he decided to create Geek Fitness to help other geeks discover how to improve their health.


But it hasn’t been an easy road for BJ. Geek Fitness has done well, but last year an injury sidelined him and since then, he’s been suffering from anxiety and depression.


So, BJ joins me to nerd out on our favorite movies, comics, and games. But he also joins me to discuss mental health, fitness, and my arch nemesis, running.

In this episode we discuss:


  • Thinking we’re unique snowflakes
  • His struggles with lifting
  • Wizarding world of Harry Potter
  • Losing weight without exercise
  • Why running
  • Heart disease and family history health problems
  • Self-destruction and anxiety
  • How he’s worked through his anxiety issues
  • Lying on the floor and listening to Dashboard
  • Problems with time travel
  • DBZ, Star Wars, Buffy, and more
  • Learning to be yourself online
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