The ONLY Holy Grail To Shredding Body Fat

I’m often asked, “is there a magic food I can eat for weight loss?”

“If I eat avocados will they get rid of my belly fat?”  

“I heard carbs are bad for you and I should eat like a caveman, is that true?”

“What foods can I eat that will make me lose weight?”

Sensational claims and promises from fat-burner supplements or fad diets on the cover of Cosmo or The Huffington Post are as empty and false as rest of the chalices Indiana had to choose from.

You want to buy the flashy, catchy, “hottest” items on the market.

But, it’s the stupid-simple, non-sexy actions that get the job done.

The grail of weight loss is about as exciting as a wooden cup.

In this episode, I reveal to you what the Holy Grail of Fat Loss is and how IT’S the only way you can lose unwanted body fat.

You can read the original piece here as well.

In this episode I cover:


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