Interview with Adam Duggan

In this episode, I chat with Adam Duggan of Adam Reid Fitness. Adam is a trainer who coaches with Fitocracy as well as owns his own gym in Chattanooga, TN. He beat cancer as a child then fought back from an eating disorder in his teens.  Adam has had a lot of obstacles and one person changed all that one day by befriending him and introducing him to weight lifting.

In this episode we discuss:

  • how he got into fitness
  • his struggle with an eating disorder
  • how an amateur bodybuilder helped him to get over his disorder and get healthier
  • body images issues with men
  • intimidation of weights or weight loss
  • treadmill skills ala Ok Go
  • Jedi mentality vs Sith Mentality
  • how fear is one of the greatest motivators/paralyzers
  • our admiration for Stuart Scott
  • who inspired his Super-heroine physique program
  • bulking
  • reverse dieting
  • three most important habits he helps clients build
  • having a support system
  • who inspires him
  • guilty pleasure track



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