Interview with Gym Free Fitness

In this episode, I chat with Ben Hessel of Gym Free Fitness.  Ben lives and works in Arizona and created his business aimed at helping people get in shape who were not fans of the gym atmosphere.  Ben is a no non-sense kind of coach who believes in helping his clients find long-term sustainable approaches to diet and exercise.  He also hates detoxes with a passion.

In this episode we discuss:

– how he got into fitness

– why gym free

– how he built a niche with clients who were not fans of the gym

– TRX ropes

– how he stays fit or advises people on staying fit on the road

– living out west vs living out east

– how dancers typically become great lifters

– what he has learned at the NASM

– there is much more to being a trainer than just “working out”

– if you have a passion, just go for it

– how we view our lives at different points

– craziest thing he experimented with in fitness/nutrition

– Eat, Stop, Eat

– what we both love about intermittent fasting

– why men should focus a little more on glutes

– why hip thrusts matter for the bedroom

– do we associate “healthy” with expensive so we have an excuse not to try to lose weight

– organic vs non-organic for normal, everyday people

– saving money on food to invest in a coach

– guilty pleasure track

– favorite quest bar



Eat. Stop. Eat.

Gym Free Workouts

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