Interview with Brian Compton of Fact and Fitness.

Brian is a young trainer who is an online Fitocracy Team Fitness coach as well through his own site.  Brian is a graduate of the program offered from Metabolic Effect in Winston-Salem, NC.  

“The “eat less, exercise more” idea for fat loss isn’t just flawed, it’s broken. Rapid weight loss efforts lead to 95% of dieters regaining the weight back within a year of dieting, and 66% weighing more than when they started the diet.  I prefer to take a more sustainable approach to fat loss with my online clients. I don’t believe in providing meal plans for my clients, either.  Done-for-you diets never work.  Instead, I educate my clients and provide them with the tools they need to setup a long-term meal plan (lifestyle) they can follow effortlessly, long after our time concludes together.”

In this episode we discuss:

  • Metabolic Effect
  • Brian’s first positive experience with a client
  • Who inspired Brian
  • His goals
  • Where he got his Fantasy Football name
  • His ideal Super Hero
  • Where the name of his company came from
  • A little discussion of our favorite things in NC



Metabolic Effect

Fitocracy Team Fitness

Fact and Fitness

Tim Ferriss

Engineering the Alpha


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