Interview with JMax Fitness

In this episode I interview Jason Maxwell of JMax Fitness.

Jason went to school where he majored in aero space engineering and became a real rocket scientist. While in college he became a personal trainer and found that he wanted to help others achieve the physique/strength goals he had achieved. He started his blog as a side project but found that he connected with readers through it and decided to devote his time to the science of health and nutrition as opposed to rockets and Mars.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What super hero he would be
  • Who influenced his philosophy as he got into fitness
  • What his training looks like now
  • How he diets down when he is cutting
  • How he measures food without a scale
  • Rabbit meat
  • Daily Undulated Periodization (DUP) and how it helps you get stronger
  • How DUP helps you to get stronger in every rep range
  • Texas Method
  • Rules He Lives By
  • “When you walk by the mirror flex”
  • New rules he has added to his daily routine



Jmax Fitness


Robert dos Remedios

.82 Protein Cut


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