Interview with Jeannine Trimboli

Jeannine Trimboli is a writer and coach over at Real [FIT] Life.

She spoke recently at the 2015 Fitness Summit in Kansas City of which I had the pleasure of attending for the first time.  Her presentation hit hard but captured a spirit of “we can do better.”

She had a lot of things she did not get to in the presentation, so I wanted to have her on the show to share some of what she spoke about as well as to cover some of the things she did not get the chance to cover.

There are a lot of links here that I highly suggest you click on and check out as well. The information and thoughts presented in them are things I think would benefit all men and women to ponder on.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How she got into becoming a fitness blogger
  • How Social Media influenced her presentation in KC
  • The images of overtly sexualized women on Facebook
  • How those images can make lots of women feel alienated
  • Promoting REAL women and not the photoshopped and corrected images
  • Look deeper into the WHY you are posting an image on your blog or social media
  • The lack of diversity within fitness images
  • My own aversion to posting pictures of myself shirtless
  • “Can I look like this?”
  • Physical Expectations
  • The side effects of self-monitoring
  • Gender Performance
  • My disappointment with the Mad Men finale
  • 1974 women could get credit
  • The lack of historic knowledge with women’s rights and how it affects the younger generation
  • Betty Paige
  • How do you promote the benefits of lifting weights with other women
  • Her journey into power lifting and pulling a double bodyweight deadlift
  • Why showing her failures is as important as promoting her successes
  • Set your goals small, make things realistic.  Little bits at at time.  Focus on how it makes you feel and not how you look.
  • What small things she has done as a mom of four to stay on track with her workouts and fitness goals
  • Her next goal
  • What one thing she wanted to get to in her presentation but did not
  • Exploitation of women in the industry
  • Comparative Posts: Jennifer Aniston vs A Female Physique Competitors Body
  • Body Acceptance
  • Using pictures of “hot bods” instead of using pictures that actually show women lifting
  • Jen SinklerJulia Ladewski, Nia Shanks
  • There is nothing wrong with looking sexy but women do not NEED to only post photos of that, be a woman in action
  • Sexy Lie TED Talk
  • 3 times a week in the gym and get better results
  • Advice she would give single moms on making fitness a priority
  • The importance of YOU time
  • What would her super power be


Real [FIT] Life

Brief History of Women’s Rights


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