Interview with Jen Sinkler

In this episode, I interview the one and only Jen Sinkler.

Jen is one of the most well-known and respected women in fitness. She has written for magazines such as Women’s Health, Men’s Health, SHAPE, and many more.

Jen lives by her motto “Unapologetically Strong” and works to spread that message to more and more women around the world. Her programs Lift Weights Faster and Lift Weights Faster 2 have helped hundreds of women get stronger and leaner in less than 20 minutes a session.

Jen also fights to promote positive body image and works to further the idea of becoming unapologetic in all aspects of life.

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In this episode we discuss:

– How she got into fitness

– How she moved from fitness editor to fitness coach

– The desire to want to learn it all

– Why the Jefferson deadlift

– Lift Weight Faster 2 (now 50% off or 40% off the Deluxe Edition!)

– Why metabolic resistance training is her go to

– Why she ran away from home for the summer

– How the idea of “Unapologetically Strong” has bleed into more of her life than just fitness

– What drives her ambition and passion

– What can we find and learn and think about in a new way

– Exercise and training is a part of my day, its a part of your life that you love

– Why rugby

– How rugby is a body positive sport

– Rugby has lower concussion rates

– Cheek to cheek tackling

– Lip Gloss

– Her biggest consistency challenge

– Urban Athlete in Philly

– How building a community and being in a group got her back into fitness

– Glitter at Movement Minneapolis

– Best breakfast she has ever made

– Breakfast off with Max Shank

– Omelets versus scrambles

– Gengis Khan is Batman

– The awesomeness that is our dogs

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