Interview with Jordan Syatt

In this episode, I chat with Jordan Syatt of Syatt Fitness in Boston.

Jordan is a 5x World Record Powerlifter and has lifted 4x his bodyweight on the deadlift. He has been featured on CNN, The Huffington Post, Men’s Fitness Magazine,, and more.

He was also included in the Fitocracy 30 under 30: The Young Professionals Changing the Face of Fitness in 2014.

He has released a new e-book entitled Raw Strength for Powerlifting: Your 12 Week Peaking Program to help people add huge gains to their strenght PRs. He has now moved from training just for strength and is aspiring to succeed at a the new challenge of Brazilian Ju-Jitsu.

In this episode we discuss: 

– lifting 4x his bodyweight (132 pounds) on a deadlift

– how to frame your mind for the long haul of getting stronger

– strength is not linear

– why the sumo over the conventional

– what you do to keep the barbell from rolling away on a deadlift

his new book Raw Strength

– how he developed his training principles

– one thing he has learned on his own that has benefited him in training/biz/or life in general

– people don’t see results because they dont follow a program long enough.

– why some people treat fitness like Frogger

– wanting it all now vs hustling

– how he keeps his client accountable

– flexible dieting and how it is a progression

– what wizard house he would be in and what spell would be his favorite spell

– A whiskey a day keeps the doctor at bay

Power Ranger Reboot

– What color would be be as a Ranger and what animal would his Zord be

– his spirit animal

– The Rock

– what historical figure would he have dinner with

His quest to become a ninja

– How heavy lifting will help him in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu

How he learned to backflip in 20 minutes

– his guilty pleasure track

– How Lightsabers and Wizard Wands could solve World Peace



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