Interview with Kennet Waale

In this episode I interview Kennett Waale.

Kennett’s goal as a coach is to help clients reach and achieve their physical and mental potential.

Kennett and I share a lot in common, besides our sexy ginger colored hair, in that we both look at things from a larger mental stand point when it comes to achieving goals. He is also a mobility master and below you can find a link to his free mobility e-Book!

In this episode we discuss:

– Coffee shops as entrepreneurial playgrounds

– Growing up in Norway

– His dream of playing ice hockey

– His struggle with pain that prevented him from playing sports

– Spending time with Tony Gentilcore and Eric Cressey

– Being your own worst critic

– Having a humble mind

– Things I have learned very quickly running a boot camp

– New trainers and falling into the trap of correlation/causation

– Client struggles with correlation vs causation

– Factors outside of training and how it can affect training itself

– If you are not up to par with WHY you train you won’t see the results you want

Why I Train (also a podcast episode)

Simon Sinek “Leaders Eat Last”

– You should leave the gym with more energy than when you came in

– How do you help clients improve mindset outside the gym

– Its not about the training, its about everything else

– It’s not about smashing people, it’s about educating people and fostering relationships

Coach Stevo of Habitry

– Dusting my acting chops off

– Going the extra mile for clients

– It comes down to habits which also applies to movements

– You don’t have to change your whole life at once

– Fast Food Personal Trainers

– Getting serious about mobility

Superhero Mobility for Everyday Heroes

Limber 11

– Joint circles can help a great majority of people

– Gradually expose yourself to movements

– Technique + strength +flexibility= mobility

– Guilty Pleasure track


– What super hero he would be

– Who would he rather train with Hugh Jackman or Chris Hemsworth

– Where he grew up in Norway

Flying the most expensive flight on Singapore Airlines

– What book has been the most influential on him as a coach

Reawaken the Giant Within; 48 Laws of Power

– What philosophy book helped him conquer his demons

– Observing your parents and learning from them

– What person from history would he have dinner with


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