Interview with Kevin Larabee Host of The FitCast

In this episode I interview Kevin Larabee of The FitCast, arguably the first fitness centered podcast.

Kevin has interned and studied with two of the most well-known names in the strength and conditioning world as well as worked in the video game industry.

Kevin loves fitness but is also a huge fan of video games and even runs a second podcast dedicated to playing replaying retro games and talking about them (Back in My Play).

I had Kevin come on to chat about our mutual love of fitness and video games and recap about E3 that happened last week. E3 is the biggest video game convention in the industry and is usually where new games are shown and teased for the holiday season.

In this episode we discuss:

– Being the host of the FitCast

– How he got into the world of fitness

– His time interning for Mike Boyle and Eric Cressey

– What he has learned from Mike Boyle

– What drives his passion with fitness and as a coach

– Coaching middle school athletes

– Nintendo taught us how to solve problems and puzzles

– How he finds time to play games

Batman Arkham Knight

– When and how he started Back in my Play as his second podcast

– Why he left an internship with Mike Boyle to work to work for GameTrailers

– Video game journalism

– What game got him really excited during E3 week

– Just Cause 3, Battlefront, Fallout, Halo 5, Forza 6, Tomb Raider

– Uncharted series

– Why Microsoft KILLED it at E3

– Including Kinect with the XBox One and why it was a misstep for Microsoft

– What is the gaming industry doing right and what are they doing wrong in the world today

– Selling broken, unplayable games

– Why he does not buy digital games

– Cross-buy with Playstation, console makers fighting for gamers, backwards compatibility, the new consoles are finally getting the support they deserve

– The game that drove him the most nuts

– Gimmick

– What video game character would he want to get sucked into

– What makes a perfect game for him

– His guilty pleasure workout track

– The person from history he would have dinner with

– Twitter (Kevin’s and FitCast), Back in my Play

– Certified Functional Strength Coach

– Twitch Channel

– Upcoming episode of Back in my Play




Back in My Play

The FitCast


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