Interview with Matt Cleary

In this week’s episode I interview Matt Cleary of The Cleary Theory.

Born in Britain, Matt Cleary is one of the best trainers in Dubai today. While in the UK he worked with championship winning athletes in the United Kingdom and United States.

He thinks a little more out loud than some when he writes but he hopes that he can provide inspiration even if he goes on a little bit of a rant.

Matt has an uncomfortable relationship with the sun, oves orangutans, irony and superhero movies. He also enjoys to write in the third person.

Matt has a new FREE E-Book available for download on his website, which you can access via this link here.

In this episode we discuss:

  • 7 Fat Loss Mistakes You Need to Stop Making, his e-book
  • His new found obsession with Ben and Jerry’s
  • Our favorite flavors of Ben and Jerry’s
  • How many flavors he can get in Dubai
  • Training athletes in Britain
  • How trainers get to see the positive changes versus someone like a surgeon
  • How he learns about comic book characters
  • The biceps on Chris Evans and how he changed physically
  • What fat loss mistake was the hardest for him to stop making
  • Why counting macros/calories is important for me
  • How do you as a coach teach IIFYM or Flexible Dieting
  • Using food as a reward for exercise
  • Estimated calorie burn via apps
  • If you don’t have time to cook, you don’t have time to be on Facebook
  • Making his bed every day
  • Getting the small wins in anything you do
  • Setting your day with the first thought you have each day
  • How does he bring himself back from a bad part of the day to finish the day on a good note
  • What kind of stuff puts me in a bad mood
  • The story of a stain on a pair of pants that make my ass look awesome
  • Dealing with the unexpected
  • Stoicism
  • Marcus Aurelius vs Seneca
  • If you can do something about it, then do something about it, if you can’t do something about it, don’t worry about it
  • Essentilism
  • Wasting time debating on Facebook
  • Do instead of Complain
  • Typing lengthy responses on Facebook and then deleting them immediately
  • Fitness debates on social media
  • Guilty Pleasure track
  • Greg Nuckols 
  • Listening to Podcasts while walking
  • What non-fitness based podcast he is hooked on: Hardcore History
  • The similarities between European history and Game of Thrones
  • What person from history would he have dinner with
  • If Emperor Palpatine had been a good dude, he could have implemented good change
  • The most ridiculous action movie I have ever heard while drunk in college
  • World History Street Fighter
  • Gandhi is a dick, in Civ that is
  • Video games that suck us in and we can spend hours playing


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