Interview with Matt Cordery

In this episode I interview Matt Cordery of We The Powerful.

Matt is a trainer and fitness blogger from Australia.  He is also a giant nerd with a unique view on fitness and life.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Time differences
  • How he got into fitness
  • Goals and personal pursuits
  • What weakness he avoided training for the longest time
  • The importance of mobility movements and stretching
  • Limber 11
  • Who inspires him
  • Dan JohnEric CresseyLouie SimmonsTony GentilcoreGreg Nuckols
  • Age of Ultron
  • Hugh Jackman and Chris Hemsworth
  • His tattoo and what it means
  • Prometheus
  • Deloading and its importance
  • How he motivates himself to take a deload week
  • Bodyweight training is a great deload strategy when you want to get some exercise in
  • What impulse buy is the most tempting for him at the store
  • The marketing lies of the “health food industry”
  • Snacking and how it can harm weight loss
  • Marketing buzzwords
  • Teaching proper nutrition in schools and how we suck at it
  • Guilty pleasure music on his playlist (The Beards)
  • What super power he would have if he could be a super hero
  • Marvel vs DC
  • Social Media and life today versus the past


We, the Powerful



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