Interview with Mitch Heaslip

In today’s episode, I interview Mitch Heaslip of Mitch Heaslip Fitness and the man behind Fat Loss Inferno on Fitocracy.

Mitch is a strength and fat loss coach hailing from Canada but currently residing Dirty D, Dallas, Texas.  His clients have been soldiers, police officers, medics and fire fighters.

Currently, he works in Dallas as a personal trainer and coaches online helping his clients build strength, burn fat, and building a life-long commitment to health.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How he got into fitness
  • His basketball career in high school
  • Coaching on Fitocracy
  • Why fat loss inferno
  • The mighty Canadians
  • Media in Canada
  • Poutine
  • Get out of your way and crush your own goals
  • What goal he had to get out of his own way to achieve
  • Tiny things he does to help him achieve his goals
  • Selecting your attitude to start your day
  • What he does to fight or u-turn negative thoughts
  • Fighting ourselves in fat loss
  • His one sentence response for explaining fat loss
  • The difficulty of cutting out whole macronutrients
  • Is the extreme approach right for anybody?
  • His go to food when he gets a little off plan and cheats
  • How he gets himself to bed earlier and the struggle to actually fall asleep
  • Meditation and its benefits
  • Meditating outside
  • Craziest meal idea that he prepped and it turned out to suck
  • Cooking with a significant other who may not be on a fat loss plan like yourself
  • Food is sacred
  • Teamwork, individual goals, and how to do it with a spouse
  • You have to move from love, not fear
  • Teaching kids about food, they are the adults of the future
  • Fat Boys Delight
  • The importance of knowing how to cook
  • Wrap everything in bacon for ultimate wins
  • Guilty pleasure track
  • What superhero would he be
  • Backstreet or nsync
  • Who in history would he have dinner with
  • One tip for your fat loss journey
  • One thing he found wasn’t true about Texas


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