Interview with Omar Atlas

In this episode, I interview Omar Atlas of Alpha Aesthetics.

Omar was once a PhD candidate in Psychology who found a love for working out while in college. He works with clients to help develop the best in themselves as well as a community of like-minded individuals.

He firmly believes that every major successful intervention for behavior change in the history of mankind involved dedicated communities who actively fostered conditions that help satisfy people’s need for autonomy, competence and belonging.

In this episode we discuss:

– Why Alpha?

– How he got into the world of fitness

The story of a girl that broke his heart

– Who shaped his philosophy as a trainer

– What he is working on now

– His love of training upper body over lower body right now in life

– Accountability

– Nietzche and finding meaning in life

– The struggle of humanity looking for meaning now and how we fight for things that have no real weight to them

– What super power he wishes he could have

– Guilty pleasure tracks

– What person in history he would have dinner with

– Favorite Arnold movie

– Favorite chest exercises




Omar’s Site

Coach Steveo


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