Interview with Scott Tousignant

In this episode I interview Scott Tousignant “The Physique Artist” of Metabolic Masterpiece.

Scott is most importantly a husband and father but also happens to be a natural bodybuilder and online fitness coach. He got started at an early age in the world of fitness and achieved his dream of opening and running his own gym.

He left that dream after a couple of years because he knew he needed to spend more time with his family. Scott is also co-hosts his own podcast host with former Side Quest Podcast guest Bryan Krahn.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Being a natural bodybuilder
  • Scott’s podcast with Bryan Krahn
  • The joys of family life
  • How he got into fitness
  • Finding balance with business and life
  • Moving from owning a gym, to training people in home, to coaching online
  • The temptation of constantly checking email/social media when with family
  • The hardest joy for him to discover on his journey
  • Finding motivation as he got older
  • Getting back in touch with the old school workouts he did in his parents basement
  • His journey from clean eating to a more flexible diet
  • Focusing on the day to day stuff
  • Developing the mind muscle connection and how it helped him to focus
  • Feeling the tension of the lift
  • The influence of sports psychology and sports philosophy; mental imagery
  • What does he do to get reconnected to his workouts when he gets distracted
  • Reduce weight to fill the contraction
  • What he does mobility wise as he gets older
  • Strength training as he gets older
  • Using a foam roller and lacrosse ball
  • Fascia stretch therapy
  • What is a knot?
  • Muscle activation technique
  • Alexander technique
  • Biofeedback
  • Learning guitar
  • Taking a Zumba class with his wife
  • Guilty Pleasure track
  • Favorite swear word
  • Who from history he would have dinner with
  • What book outside of fitness has influenced him the most
  • What would he do if he met 20 year old him
  • Silliest thing he ever believed in
  • What he learned about himself while being a competitive bodybuilder
  • Practice posing to enhance your mind muscle connection
  • Lessons of getting super lean and eating low amounts of calories
  • Why he won’t get back onstage again
  • The art of presenting yourself onstage
  • Scott and Brian’s episode about coming out of a cut

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