Interview with Sohee Lee

In today’s episode I interview Sohee Lee who has written for, she is the co-host of Physique Science Radio,  and is the gate keeper to Biolayne the website of Layne Norton.

Sohee is a bikini competitor and this year entered her first powerlifting competition which we discuss in the show. Sohee has a BA in Human Biology from Stanford University, needless to say she is a million times smarter than me.

She also interned at Cressey Performance as well as worked in NYC at Peak Performance before she moved south to Savannah, GA.

In this episode we discuss:

– How she repaired her relationship with food

– Lifting weights saved my life

– “Get good with grey”

– Resources to help get people comfortable with the grey

– “We do not have to suffer to look good”

– Continue to prove that she walks to walk

– “I am here to make moderation sexy”

– Reverse dieting ebook

– My experiment with reverse dieting

– What reverse dieting is

– How your body becomes more resistant to diet cycles

– Getting more research on reverse dieting

– The oddest data point she can’t really explain with reverse dieting with herself or clients

– Training as a powerlifter

– What she enjoys training for more, bikini vs powerlifting

– How both experiences have helped her to gain a better and stronger mindset

– There is no final destination on your fitness journey

– Life is like an RPG

– Everything in fitness boils down to mindset

You are the Placebo

– What book has influenced her the most as a coach (Power of HabitMotivational InterviewingWillpower Instinct)

– Favorite post workout meal

– Guilty Pleasure Track

– What super hero would she be

– Best place to eat in Savannah, GA

– What was the biggest roadblock she was able to overcome in her process

– “Don’t go for the instant, go for the long term goal”

– What person from history would she have dinner with


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