Interview with Sons of Strength

I round out interviewing the 5 fitness coaches taking the world by storm this episode with Sons of Strength.  Sons of Strength is the brainchild of Ryan and Eric Johnson, yes they are brothers and yes they still compete to be the best in the family.  Their “be the best” attitude is what led them to establish a business and an attitude that spills over to all of their clients.

In this episode we discuss:

– how they got into fitness through sports and started a business as brothers

– sibling rivalry and how they still push each other as adults

– paying it forward

– who was the ladies man of the two

– famous people sightings in NYC

– what garbage from the industry would you like to see go away

– sustainability vs extremes

– Muay Thai fighting

– boxing vs cardio

– “everyone would benefit from getting punched in the face at least once in their life”

– East Coast vs West Coast

– a new program they are working with John Romeniello and releasing in March

– Total Recomp

– favorite Arnold movie

– action movie of 2014

– what its like to see the results of a client who ends up on the big screen

– Marvel movies

– who inspires them

– what book from 2014 would they gift

– War of Art

– The Obstacle is The Way

– Scar Tissue, Anthony Kiedis’s memior

– favorite lift

– favorite warm ups before the workout





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