Interview with Suzanne Digre

In this episode, I interview Suzanne Digre of Workout Nirvana. Suzanne is an online fitness coach based out of Denver, Colorado and is starting her new Lean and Strong program on Fitocracy starting on Jan 12.  She has been training herself for years and launched her coaching business a couple years ago.  She has gotten amazing results from her clients and is an amazing motivator.

In this episode we discuss:

  • goals she conquered in 2014
  • how she got into training and writing online
  • how she started working out at home and got confident before she moved into a gym
  • the misconception of women bulking when lifting weights
  • how she teaches clients to “on-it” when in the gym
  • how chit chatting can kill your focus in the gym
  • setting micro goals to achieve larger goals
  • how she is working on eating more veggies
  • her favorite thing about Colorado
  • how making new habits non-negotiable can help you make positive changes
  • her Lean and Strong program starting on Jan 12th
  • how to conquer self-limiting thoughts
  • how she conquers those tiny negative voices
  • go to meal in a pinch
  • absolute favorite lift
  • The Carbonaro Effect
  • expose-come go with me
  • my go to dance at a wedding




Suzanne’s Site


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