Interview with Tanner Baze

In this episode I chat with Tanner Baze.

Tanner has written for BroBible and is a new contributor to Elite Daily. Tanner works with a wide range of clients at his gym he near Atlanta as well as coaching online at Fitocracy and through his site. He is a huge nerd and avid reader. His love of reading is what drove him to devour all the knowledge he could on Fitness.

In this Episode we discuss:

-the awesomeness of Atlanta

– that time Julius Peppers sold me pizza

– how he got started in the world of fitness

– how he moved from GNC to becoming a trainer

– the sleaziness of some supplement companies

– the joys of retail

– the story of how toilet paper caused me to meet my wife

– what it was like growing up in Texas

– the Walking Dead

– how his philosophy has changed over time

– how he balances work and life

– the struggles of writing

– the struggle of finding who you are

– how growing up I was Screech

– his geek side

– our mutual love of emo music

– why he wants people to be a Jedi of Fitness

– Sith vs Jedi

– Why Mace Windu is badass

– Kevin Smith on Episode 7

– Guilty Pleasure track

– one super hero he would be and what power his power would be



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