Interview with Travis Pollen

In this episode, I interview Travis Pollen of Fitness Pollenator.

Travis was born with Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency a rare birth defect that fuses the leg bone to your hip bone resulting in only having one leg. Growing up Travis found that it became harder and harder to compete in athletic competitions with friends until he found swimming.

To get prepared for the 2012 Paralympic he hired a strength coach for the weight room. That next season in college he set an American record for the 100 meter freestyle for swimmers missing one arm or leg. After he ended his swimming career he found he had a passion for lifting weights.

He is currently pursuing a degree in Bio-mechanics and Movement Science at the University of Delaware.

In this episode we discuss:

– How bio-mechanics and using robots are bettering peoples lives

– His PhD will be him building an Iron Man suit

–  Proximal femeral deficiency

– Lifting on one leg

– Why he left the world of physics and went to bio-mechanics

– Is there something really cool you found working in bio-mechanics, that you want to      study more of when you get your PhD

– Why he started his own podcast

– What work he believes shows off his best work

– What’s Your Favorite Position 

– Favorite Fiction book

– Crossfit Games and how they inspire him

– What sci-fi book he loved but hated the film adaptation

– The one fitness book you are reading right now that you are on fire about

– Who inspires Travis

-The Crossfit games have become the new x-games

– The good and the bad of Crossfit and coaching


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Travis Interview with Comcast Sports

Deadlifting on One Leg


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