Interview with James Clear

In this episode, I interview author, entrepreneur, weightlifter, and travel photographer James Clear.

James has written an amazing eBook on how to transfer your habits. He is a firm believer that if you can master your habits, you can master your life.

A Duke University study showed that 45% of what we do each day is habitual. James came on the show to chat about how he coaches people to transform their habits as well as how he maintains a high level of fitness even with a busy schedule.

He is also an accomplished athlete who in 2008 was named an Academic All-American for baseball by ESPN and in 2012 he was a finalist for the Travel Photographer of the Year award.

In this episode we discuss:

– how sports helped him establish routines

– his hardest habit to master

– his process for building habits

– habits are not a finish line, they are a lifestyle/pattern to commit to

– implementation intention

– his history with power lifting and current regiment

– favorite lift

– how he structures workouts when he is on the road

-his favorite place to shoot photos and the one he wants to visit the most

– his guilty pleasure work out track

– one famous person from history he would have dinner with (Mark Twain and Richard Feynman)

– the difference between routines and habits

– creating ceremony/rituals for new habits

– morning routines

-how he coaches people to build habits

– the super hero he would be

– if his life were an action movie who would play James Clear

– who inspires him





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James’s eBook on Habits

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