Jason Helmes Returns to the Podcast

One of my original guestsJason Helmes of Anyman Fitness, returns to the show.

In this episode we got to catch up a little bit on the work he has been doing since he last came on the show in October.

Jason is a middle school math teacher but when he is not teaching basic algebra he is helping clients lose weight and gain muscle and strength.  We discuss a lot in this episode on running a business, dieting tricks and tips, how our wives never take us too seriously, and mindset just to name a few.

In this episode we discuss:

– Mr. Tall Guy

– Billy Madison

– The resiliency of children

– His 7 month cut

– An act in discipline

– Even coaches do stupid things

– His fall “fulk” or fat bulk

– His calorie range during cutting

– Being a sucker for self experimentation

– 40 pounds down in 7 months

– The evolution of his training philosophy

– Has his views on having abs changed

– One pair of pants

– The feeling of always chasing something

– Conquering the psychological and the physical to improve yourself

– His biggest struggle this cut versus any other

– Getting better at conquering the mental state

– Preventing triggers that cause binging

– Justifications will make fools of us all

– What he does to stay driven and focused with work, family, training, etc.

– Dealing with stress and anxiety and learning how to harness better use of time

– Defining Facebook

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living/How to Win Friends and Influence People

– How to make systems work for you instead of your working for your systems

– Business is a lack of having systems set up

– Decisive4 Hour Work WeekGorilla Mindset

– Phones Off at 8pm

– His rules he has implemented for his business

– If you practice with all your focus, you get a lot better faster

– False Community of our modern society today with social media

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