Interview with Jay Scott of Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast

In this episode, I interview Jay Scott of Full Disclosure Fitness and the Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast.

Jay has been in the industry for over 15 years and started the podcast to help “pull back the curtains” on the information out there about nutrition or programs whether good or bad. Jay wrote his first book in 2011 and is in the process of re-editing it now to put out an updated and expanded edition.

In this episode we discuss:

– How he was the runt of the litter and starting working out just to see muscle in his arms

– Finding the big boulders and learning to ignore the grains of sand

– The boulders he has had to focus on in business or fitness

– Could protein be the next gluten fad?

-Ffats and carbs are more malleable since they are fuel sources

– Super high protein diets of old

– .82 grams experiment

– Jay’s free report on calories

– How he tries to educate listeners of his podcast

– What has he learned from his guests

– More than one way to skin a cat

– Who inspires him

– Alan Aragon, Brad Schoenfield, JC Deen, Chad Landers

– How Alan Aragon schooled him on the message boards

– How I started to realize Paleo was full of crap 

– Are flexible dieting and IIFYM followers breaking their own rules

– Bacon wrapped grilled cheese

– The difficulty of omelets

– His first book

– Just get out there and get started; start THEN fix your direction

– What inspires him to keep going when he wants to give up and quit

– Sometimes you should quit something; the difficulty of deciding if you need to quit or need to persevere

– Pyscho cybernetics

– Play what can go right in your mind as opposed to what can go wrong

– Do you want to strengthen the worry or the accomplishment side

– Visualize your goals

– His favorite super hero

– The mindset of sports stars today

– Be happy on all the rungs as you go up

– His guilty pleasure track for the gym

– Famous person he would have dinner with

– A wee chat about movie stars



Full Disclosure Fintess Podcast


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