JC Deen is one of the most intelligent guys in the fitness industry. He first came on the podcast in 2015. (listen here)

Beyond helping you nail your fitness and nutrition goals, JC also introduces his clients to practices like meditation and mindfulness because these ideas, he knows, will stretch and better his clients outside of the gym.

He believes fitness should be fun, challenging, and exciting.

Fitness for JC is a journey and it’s this journey that he embarks on with his clients and readers. Detailing his process, what works, what doesn’t, and what you need to know to make it all less of a headache.

We dive into a ton of amazing content in this episode. Some deep and others not so much.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Time zone differences
  • How he conquers fear
  • Getting caught in his own head
  • The zone of discomfort
  • Struggling with perfectionism as a coach
  • JC’s Complete Macro Guide
  • Perfect is in the eye of the beholder
  • Most important value he displays to readers or clients
  • Getting caught up in the outcome
  • How he sets up his process
  • Getting into video
  • Taking imperfect action
  • What he’s nerding out on now
  • Future inferences
  • Man talks to God
  • Fun Questions
  • His attraction to Eastern philosophy
  • Would historic figures be what we think they are if we lived in their time
  • Changing your world view from youth to adult
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