Interview with Jorden Pagel

In this episode, I chat with Jorden Pagel of Jorden Pagel Fitness.  Jordan lives and trains and works with clients in Wisconsin and wants to one day work with athletes himself.

In this episode we discuss:


– how he got into the fitness and lost 80 pounds over time

– health and fitness are a lifetime commitment and  not just a 12-week process

– Intermittent Fasting

– Fasted training

– Flexible dieting

– Favorite flavor of Ben and Jerry’s

– Equals and Alternatives

– Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers

– Sumo Wrestling and NFL Linemen

– Favorite/Most Hated Lift

– Who has influenced him

– how open and willing trainers are to help

– Country Music



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Jorden’s Site

Equals and Alternatives

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