Client Success Story: Interview with Justin Dionne

In episode 91 of the podcast, I interview my client, Justin Dionne. Sitting on the porch of a beach house in Florida. We discuss his success over the last year.

Justin Dionne is the artistic director at Lee Street Theater in Salisbury, NC. He is also one of my closest friends and one of my original online clients.

One year ago, Justin contacted me and said–above all–his goal was to workout for one year. Weight loss was a primary goal but for Justin, what he needed more than anything was the accountability a coach provided.

In the one year that Justin and I worked together, not only did he achieve this goal, but he lost 9 inches off his waist, 20 pounds of fat and added over 10 pounds of muscle.

Making the gym has become a priority for him.

Listening to this episode, you’ll discover what Justin learned over his journey as my client. What strength goals he achieved, where he faltered, the lessons he learned about how alcohol can affect your goals, and where he wants to go from here.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Lost 20 pounds of fat added 10+ pounds of muscle
  • All of a sudden one he was 230
  • Reckless 20s
  • Started with small realistic steps
  • Justin Dionne is Ron Brogundy
  • Warning signs that he needed to lose weight
  • Lessons learned from opening a theater that he could apply to his fitness quest
  • Managing the long game
  • Being successful at working out for a year
  • Not missing a day even when he is out of town
  • 9 inches off his waist
  • The scale is a bitch ass mother
  • When the game changed for him
  • How he has learned to create his own workouts
  • How his journey has translated to other aspects of his life
  • Making the best version of himself
  • Complete a triathlon
  • 1000 pound club
  • Strava App
  • What surprised him the most over this journey
  • Exercise while on vacation
  • Sacrifices he made to make fitness a priority
  • Business meetings as a workout
  • It will happen vs if it doesn’t happen at this time
  • Priorities changing
  • Why you should be Ron Brogundy
  • Gaining awareness of your body
  • A Carolina Blue Dream
  • What he is the most proud of over the last year
  • The Rock on Instagram
  • No booze for a month and what he learned from it
  • You’re not just you
  • What book has inspired him the most
  • A bourbon everyone needs to try
  • What he would leave listeners with that he has learned on his journey
  • The benefits of online coaching
  • Hamilton
  • His advice to listeners
  • Hamilton biography 
  • Aerosmith biography

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