Interview with Mason Woodruff

In this episode, I chat with Mason Woodruff. Mason is a trainer in Arkansas and a coach on Fitocracy. He has completed a 600 pound plus deadlift as well as squatted over 500 pounds. He also appeared on the Super Bowl Sunday Fun TIme show but is back for his own 1 on 1 episode now.

In this episode we discuss:

– how a bachelor diet affected his basketball performance/career

– Arkansas

– what he does outside for physical fitness

– which behaviors were his hardest to change

– what foods are his cornerstones

– some cardio/conditioning is beneficial

– his favorite power/explosive exercise

– It’s all in the hips

– how/why he uses kettlebells as a coach

– The Mountain and a 1000 year old record

– what he does to take care of himself

– his February diet experiment

– the twinkie diet guy

– getting those huge arms/forearms

–  importance of grip strength

– who inspires him

– Hardcore History

– education as a young men and things we wish were taught

– 2 Cellos




Dr Kirk Parsley

Elliot Hulse

Barbell Shrugged

Tim Ferris

Mason’s Site


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