Interview with Mike Yanda of Fast Lane Fitness

In this episode, I chat with Mike Yanda of Fast Lane Fitness.

Mike Yanda is an attorney who also works as a fitness coach on the side, all while being a stay at home dad. Mike realized while in law school just how important it was for him to get into shape. He now applies those same principles he learned on his own in school to help his clients lose fat, build muscle, and get stronger.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The excitement of Football Season
  • Johnny Menziel and getting his life figured out
  • How he got into the world of fitness
  • Mike Yanda’s time at Texas A&M
  • Getting married and starting law school two weeks later
  • Getting results while doing the minimal amount of work needed
  • How he was efficient with his fitness during law school
  • Action Creates Momentum and Motivation
  • Keeping to the Basics is all you need
  • Intermittent Fasting and how it helped him through school
  • How he made tracking fit into his life and not add any complications
  • Planned out his meals for the next day before bed
  • The abundance of choice
  • What he learned in law school that has benefited him as a coach
  • Law school teaches you how to become an expert in anything in a short amount of time
  • Be okay with saying “I don’t know but I can research it for you”
  • If it’s important to you, you can make time for it
  • How he finds time as a lawyer, stay at home dad, and fitness coach to get his workouts in
  • Schedule when your gonna do things to succeed
  • How do help others with newborns get their workouts in
  • Longest time without Showering
  • Crossing the country via covered wagon and the size of the West and Texas
  • Must money he ever spent at Whattaburger drunk
  • Burritos Wrapped in a Pizza
  • The Vortex
  • Cheeseburger with an omelet on top
  • Eating large meals on Intermittent Fasting
  • Everything works as long as you stay consistent
  • There is a perfect diet, you just haven’t found it yet
  • Marry, Fuck, Kill- French Toast, Waffles, Pancakes
  • Coaches are not perfect, even we go off plan, and sometimes going off plan is okay
  • Church of Paleo
  • Move on and Try and Be Better
  • Be compassionate with yourself
  • Start acting like future you today
  • Why I Connect with Captain America
  • It’s Not About Performance, It’s About Showing Up
  • Learning a New Skill
  • Just Do Stuff to Get Better
  • Do Something for Yourself
  • Create Art, Even if It Sucks
  • How he gets through ruts
  • Barry White While he Deadlifts
  • Who in History he would have dinner with


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