Mike Zeller of Trim Menswear

If you are a fit and active man, you know how hard it can be to find shirts that fit and show off  your hard work. Enter Mike Zeller of TrimMike has created a clothing line that provides fit and active men with shirts designed to fit their bodies. No longer do you have to wear baggy shirts that swallow you, nor do you have to wear slim cuts that bunch up your shoulders and chest. Trim fixes that by making the shoulders and chest wider with a more narrow waist that accentuates that V-shape you have worked so hard to develop. The fabric is high quality, made in the USA, and the fabric is flexible and provides movement even if it is tucked in. Did I also mention they have a 5-year return policy?

In this episode we discuss:


  • Clarity while on sabbatical
  • 4-Hour Work Week
  • How style can affect your attitude
  • Who taught him the importance of style
  • The power of a wearing a costume
  • Why do men not care about style?
  • His first venture as an entrepreneur
  •  Creating businesses that provide a lot of value to people
  • Getting old and when do you feel it
  • When you are intentional with life, it only gets better
  • Looking at failure as lessons, when he developed that outlook
  • Setting yourself up for the potential of failure
  • Creating business partners
  • How he stays active as a busy entrepreneur
  • His preferred form of exercise
  • Why he changed his style of workouts
  • Go to exercises for back health, especially when sitting on a plane for long periods
  • “Burpees are really good”
  • The event that shifted his thinking
  • Pursue outstanding, don’t settle for “good
  • What he looks for in business partners or designers
  • Designing his clothing lines
  • Elevating standards
  • Why Kickstarter
  • Made in the USA
  • Why tailored clothes will change your life
  • His “I don’t give a fuck look”
  • Where he would go in a time machine
  • A go-to accessory for men
  • His go-to suit
  • Where the clothing line is going in the future
  • How To Win Friends and Influence People
  • What he would say to his younger self
  • Who from history he would have dinner with


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