Mitch Heaslip on Finding His Mission, Why Hip-Hop is the Best, & The Power of Meditation

Mitch Heaslip aka The Jacked Hipster has been coaching clients online and in-person for a few years. Before he became a trainer, Mitch was a firefighter in rural Canada. And it was while he spent time fighting fires that he discovered the secret power of meditation.

Since his days in the wilds of Canada, Mitch has moved to Texas and now lives there with his wife. Mitch continues to train clients in-person but has also built an online coaching business.

On his blog, The Jacked Hipster, Mitch writes about more than fitness. He writes about how to set goals and conquer the day by setting up powerful morning routines.

Beyond that, Mitch is a huge fan of hip-hop, poutine, and conquering his largest fears.

In this episode we discuss:

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