Coaches Corner Episode 1: Nutrition

This is the first episode of a new monthly series I am starting called “Coaches Corner”.

The 2nd Monday of every month will feature some of my former guests in a roundtable discussion on a random topic. This first episode is all about nutrition.  Joining me in this episode are Tanner BazeTravis PollenJoseph Brigley, and Adam Fisher (links to their episodes can be found below)

In this episode we discuss:

– Travis PollenJoseph BrigleyTanner BazeAdam Fisher

– We try to cover how to simplify nutrition

– What you do and don’t really need to know with nutrition

– Travis needed to gain weight and began tracking his calorie intake and realized how frustrating it is

– Are there better ways to track macros or other strategies you can implement for success

– Creating a list of foods you can choose from that are acceptable

– Palm-sized meal rule

– A lot of foods are made up of all three macronutrients instead of just one

– Teaching a beginner how to track and what macronutrients to eat

– People often know what they have to do

– Write on a piece of paper your number one mistake you are making and put it in your pocket so its on you all the time as a reminder

– People are more likely to follow through on something when they recognize they have a problem

– Josh Hillis, track overall weekly calorie mark

– Rules dieters and intuition dieters

– People eat typically within a 20% range of their daily calorie needs

– How to work with more intuitive eaters

PN checklist

– Narrative Bias

– How to prevent or deal with stress eating

– Take the opposite route in the office to avoid the trigger foods in the office

– Find a stress buddy who can help you relieve your stress and shift your mindset back to where it needs to be

– Snapchat

A list of our recommended foods

– Taco Bell breakfast and Cap’N Crunch balls

– What rules are the most basic rules people should follow

– Eat more protein and taste the rainbow of veggies (make the plate colorful)

– The struggle of going out to eat

– Three rules that all diets tend to follow

– Flexible dieting is great but people need training wheels for it

– principles of exercise and nutrition tend to be aimed at those who understand it more

– the changing of the fitness industry

– Planet Fitness

– Ed Hones

– We have become more domesticated in fitness

– What Comes First Cardio or Weights

– Fad Diets: do they work, don’t they work

– Vegan- its hard to get protein while doing this

– Paleo/Zone/Atkins- may be harder to maintain longterm

– More about lifestyle change than diet

– Some people need extremes, some can do moderation

– The biggest challenge to adherence with Paleo

– Using Paleo to help break bad habits

– Better than Before

– Sometimes you need to cut things out permantly until you can build the strength to say no to your triggers

– John BerardiDan JohnJosh Hillis


– Food quantity determines weight, food quality determines your body composition

– Tanner started out reading Gary Taubes and Sugar Nation

– Mike Izratel- Renassiance Diet

– Simplify nutrition to one sentence

– You know what to do you just need to do it

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